Our favorite vegan snacks

Our favorite vegan snacks

Oct, 22, 2023

Our favorite vegan snacks

Since school is now back in full swing, the kids seems to always be hungry and looking for snacks so I figured I would share what some of our favorite healthy, vegan and zero waste snacks are. 

Our favorite vegan snacks

Crackers-My kids absolutely love crackers and especially if they come with hummus. I made hummus following Nora Cooks Recipe and I have a couple of cracker recipes that I made like my butter crackers oat crackers and cheese crackers

Gluten free Banana muffins-These muffins are so comforting and filling with nut flour and bananas.

Chia Pudding in a Jar

First, make some chia seed pudding

  1. Using a pint sized mason jar, spread a layer of chia pudding on the bottom.
  2. Next, add a mixture of fresh or frozen berries, mango pieces, kiwi or sliced bananas.
  3. Add another layer of chia.
  4. Top with more fruit!
  5. If you want some more texture, add a handful of chopped nuts, cacao nibs, trail mix or granola!

Yogurt parfait—This creamy yogurt with berries and crunchy granola is one of my kids’ favorite snacks in jar: All you need is: Bag of frozen berries, Granola, Plain yogurt (I use my homemade cashew yogurt), maple syrup to drizzle over (optional)

Start by layering plain yogurt. Add a layer of thawed or fresh berries, and then a layer of

Homemade Larabars-I like larabars because they are few but healthy ingrediences amd luckily I have found a recipe make them myself to avoid plastic wrapping. Homemade Lara Bars—Recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie

  • ½ cup unsalted cashews
  • A scant 1 ¼ cup dates
  • Small pinch salt
  • Optional: some fresh vanilla bean or 1 Tbsp. carob powder
  • Blend in your food processor until it’s a sticky dough.
  • Form into any shapes. I personally like to make them look like Lara Bars — log-alike☺

What kid does not love ice cream? Of course ice cream is loaded with sugar so a better option is making nicecream which is just ice cream made from frozen bananas. Here is a great recipe by Detoxinista

Fredrika Syren

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