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Zero Time to Waste Movie Title

A Family's Journey Towards Sustainability

The Film

There’s no question that we need to significantly shift if we hope to prevent the impending climate crisis—but it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. Rather than being fatigued or even paralyzed by the daunting task of tackling climate change as a whole, a family of five is forging a hopeful path forward by making living sustainably more accessible.

Zero Time to Waste follows one family’s journey of living zero-waste in the middle of San Diego—a social movement they hope to see grow as they inspire small changes in their local community. By growing their own food, not producing any waste, choosing alternative transportation, and saving $18,000 annually in the process—everyday tasks are more intentional, and they’re happier for it. This compelling portrait is a hopeful reimagining of what it looks like to be conscious citizens in the midst of daunting statistics and the peak of consumer culture. Combining social theory, environmental research, and a heartwarming glimpse into one family’s path —this film encapsulates the idea of being the change you wish to see as there really is no time to waste.

Behind The Scenes

Film Crew

Matt Helbig: Director
Sara Persson: Creative Producer
Nico Mengin: Director of Photography
Andrew Barrack: Lead Editor
Key Cast: Fredrika Syren, James Harker-Syren, Isabella Syren and Per Espen Stoknes

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