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Fall tips for zero-waste cooking

As we transition to fall, our family enjoys cooking up more of those warm comfort foods.

Our first year practicing zero-waste cooking, the transition to fall was challenging as we took on more cooking instead of using fresh veggies as the base of all of our meals.

Freezing these 5 things in ice cube trays or larger containers depending on how much is leftover has changed the game!

What other tips do you have for zero-waste cooking?

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Make homemade fertilizer with your leftover banana peels:

Cut up banana peels and place in a large jar with a kid.

Cover with water.

Soak for 2 to 3 days, allowing the minerals to extract.

strain and place peels in compost

Use as is for your plants (no need to dilute).

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I’m talking zero waste decluttering and home organizing with the lovely @homegirl.space

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One obstacle we had to face when starting our zero waste journey was letting go of other people's opinions.

No matter your age, it's not fun to face judgement or ridicule but that concern is even more prevalent for children.

As we started changing our habits, that fear of being weird and doing things differently than the people around us surfaced regularly.

But at some point we learned to embrace + celebrate the weirdness because it's catalyzed soooo many positive changes!

What's the "weirdest" thing you do to protect the environment? Tell us in the comments!

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My girl ❤️ @isabella_syren

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Rescheduled from last week! We are so glad Deb got her account back!

Join us for a sourdough starter GIVEAWAY and convo all about WHY EVERYONE IS OBSESSED WITH SOURDOUGH and make sure you are following @everything.sourdough and @zero.waste.family to win on our IG LIVE on 9/30/22 at 12:00 PST!

See you then and please DM us with any burning questions about sourdough + sustainability!

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School is back in full swing so I’m food prepping and making mason jar grab-and-go snacks.

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Have you ever dreamt of having the most perfect and organized home?

Theresa is an intentional organizer and is going to share some amazing information with us to help clear clutter and live a more simple life!

Join @homegirl.space and Fredrika with Zero Waste Family to talk all things HOME ORGANIZATION, DECLUTTERING and SUSTAINABILITY!

Learn tips you can do around your house to stay sustainable and mess free! Especially with kids, art, cooking, homesteading and more!

See you on the 26th at 5:15 PM PST!

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