DIY Reusable Sandwich Bags and Wraps

DIY Reusable Sandwich Bags and Wraps

Jun, 04, 2023

DIY Reusable Sandwich Bags and Wraps

Our family uses lots of sandwich bags for school sandwich lunches, food on the go, and for packing snacks like nuts and seeds, crackers, or breakfast cookies. 

DIY Reusable Sandwich Bags and Wraps

Packing sandwiches daily can create tons of waste from Ziploc bags, wax paper, or plastic wrap. Disposable packaging is cheap, but over time, the cost adds up! 

A better solution is using reusable sandwich bags—they save money and eliminate waste. With a sewing machine and appropriate fabric, it is possible to make your own reusable sandwich bags! Here’s a great video tutorial that teaches you how to craft them yourself.

Happiest Camper uses Velcro for their DIY reusable snack bags. Their tutorial is easy to follow, and the dimensions can be adapted to fit sandwiches or larger snacks.

We also use a lot of beeswax wraps for sandwiches and to wrap leftover foods and bowls. The Homesteading Family shows how easy it is to make your own here

If sewing is not your strong suit, many washable and reusable sandwich bags or containers are available from local makers or online.

If you care for your reusable sandwich bags, they will last a long time. Empty soiled bags immediately after use, turn them inside out, and wash them with the rest of your laundry. We always air-dry our bags in the sun after washing them. The sun’s rays naturally disinfect the bags and remove stains and odors. 

Have you ever made DIY snack bags? Share your tips or tricks in the comments!

Here are more information about how to make a school lunch with less waste and more information about bees wax wraps

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