A Practical Guide to Zero Waste for Families Book

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The First And Only Guide For Families Who Want To Reduce Waste.

This book is a compilation of 14 years of learning how to go zero waste. Fredrika shows how easy it is to reduce your waste with lots of doable steps and tips for sustainable living that every person can integrate; from packing a zero waste school lunch to hosting a zero waste birthday party, and how all this can save not only the planet but also lots of money.

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A Family's Journey to Zero Waste

We’re a family of five living zero-waste, plant-based, & mindfully minimal so that both our kids and our planet can enjoy a beautiful, thriving future. We focus on current environmental issues, share tips & ideas, and offer helpful information about sustainable products. Enjoy the reading!

Compost 101 Class

Did you know that when you throw your food scraps in the trashcan, the food never composts at the city dump?  Instead it creates methane gas which is a huge contributor to our climate crisis.  What this online class and schedule a call with James to get all your questions answered!

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Film - Zero Time To Waste

Zero Time to Waste – The Film

We created this film and handbook in hopes of making the shift to zero waste feel less overwhelming. We’ve collected tips, recipes, life hacks, and brands that have helped us along the way— and are excited to now share them with you. We hope you’ll join this ever-growing Zero-Waste Family that’s building a conscious shift towards sustainability—because the truth is there’s no time to waste.

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Tomorrow is the big day. 🎤

I will be speaking about Youth on the Frontline of Culture Change.

As a mother of three and an advocate for youth in the community, I’m excited to be highlighted amongst other incredible speakers at the National Zero Waste Conference! Put on by @zero_waste_usa

The schedule for tomorrow (Day 2) is full of incredible speakers and topics.

They will be discussing all things culture, environmental justice, sustainable repair solutions, and more ways we can come together as a community to do better for the environment!

There are still opportunities to get your tickets! Excited to see you (virtually) tomorrow!

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To make orange cloves pomander balls all you need is an orange and cloves and you can use a toothpick to make a hole to make it easier to insert the clove into the orange, especially for a child.

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Green washing alert!

While the Green Friday movement encourages people to shop more sustainably it’s important to not buy into the green washing of shopping, sustainable or not. If you actually do need a product I recommend to
Do your research first to make sure it’s really as sustainable as they advertise. Also, buy from small independent businesses.

Green Friday is also encouraging people to spend more time with their loved ones. Yup, you guessed it, in the green nature and that is my kinds of green Friday.

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Many people feel sorry for our kids because of our low key and minimalist lifestyle, especially around Christmas. They seem to think they are missing out on fun.

Christmas used to be two tired parents because of working so hard to pay the lifestyle we used to live. Today there are fewer but more special dishes on the Christmas dinner table, there are fewer but more precious gifts and most importantly there are lots of arts and crafts, games and family time with not two tired parents.

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Happy first of advent!

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This one is for the mamas!

We know you're doing everything to keep your families healthy this time of year.

Which is why one of the gifts we're offering at the December 3rd Holiday Make & Take Party is Essential Oils Immune Rollers.

Whether you want to gift these to all of your friends and families to support their health or you need a quick supply of immune support to get you through the holiday season - you won't want to miss out on this opportunity! These immune rollers also makes great teachers gifts.

Use the link in our bio to grab your tickets, time is running out!

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Happy thanksgiving!

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Another sustainable gift idea that goes a long way!

Loose leaf tea blends are a great DIY gift that you can customize to the recipient to show just how much you care about your friend or loved one.

You can customize the tea blend to support people with sleep, more focused energy, reducing stress, clearer skin, and so many other challenges we all face sometimes.

See you then 😊

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Read my list of tips for simple ways we can be a little more sustainable and environmentally friendly without losing our sanity.

IRemember, it’s all about reducing our carbon footprint, not about being perfect; so you don’t have to use all the ideas. Even if we all choose a few ideas that resonate with us, we will making a dent in the loads of waste that will be filling up your trash cans post-celebration.


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Give the gift of luxury this holiday season with this easy zero waste gift idea.

Therapeutic bath salts are one of our favorite holiday gifts.

We get to make them by hand, pour extra love into them, and KNOW that whoever receives this gift from us will soak in luxury for months to come.

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