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🌱🌿 Start planting your own garden and grow your own food! 🌿🌱

It`s the best way to ensure you`re eating healthy, eco-friendly food with the lowest carbon footprint. Whether you have a big yard, a small balcony, or even just a patio, you can grow your own fresh produce.

Join my online course to learn everything from planting seeds to harvesting your crops. Gardening is not only a source of fresh food, but also a therapeutic and educational experience for the whole family.

Talk about learning at home: My kids have learned so much about biology, nutrition, and eco-friendliness just by getting their hands in the soil.

Gardening has been amazing for my mental health, and it can be for yours too. 🌼🍅🥕

Check out our course - all yours for $99 visit our website under the courses tab for more info!

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Summer vibes and every moment available is spent outdoors. ...

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Biking cities are designed to be accessible to all, regardless of age, ability, or income level. From protected bike lanes to shared streets, these cities make it safe and convenient for everyone to cycle.

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NEWS UPDATE! Check out this incredible finding at UCSD shared by @kpbs @ucsd @UCSDenvironmentalstudies

Researchers, including Professor Jon Pokorski from UC San Diego, have discovered two bacterial strains that can literally eat plastic!

🍽️ These bacteria can use thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) as their exclusive food source, offering a potential breakthrough in tackling plastic pollution. 👏

#PlasticPollution #Sustainability #InnovativeScience #UCSD #KPBS @KPBS

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We are working with @barrina_us and experimenting with their grow light! The cool thing about this is it comes with a stand for any of your taller/standing light needs! It also comes with hooks to install it horizontally as well! It’s super bright and super versatile.

You can see here we created a small space on the bottom shelf of a bookshelf to use for our seed starters!

have you ever used to grow light or do you typically just use the sun? Do you live somewhere sunny or do you live somewhere like us half the year… In Sweden, where we have to maximize our sunlight and find creative solutions for cold winters!! @barrina_us might be the perfect match for LED grow light needs!

Stay tuned… We will have a YouTube releasing next week with our sprouts to show!!! 🌱

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Benefits of Compost Tea:

Harness the power of beneficial microorganisms with compost tea.

Recipe -
- Start with a bucket filled one-third with mature compost rich in microorganisms.
- Add distilled water to fill the bucket, as chlorine in tap water can harm the compost.
- Let the mixture steep for a few days to allow the microorganisms to multiply.
- Strain out the solids, and use the liquid as a natural pesticide spray to protect your plants from pests while promoting soil health.

Integrated Pest Management: Embrace the balance of nature by understanding that a thriving garden attracts some pests. However, with techniques like compost tea and strategic planting, you can deter pests while nurturing a biodiverse ecosystem.

Sustainability Tip: Check with your local municipality for water quality regulations. Using distilled water ensures the effectiveness of compost tea and prevents harmful chemicals from interfering with your gardening efforts.

With these natural methods, you`ll cultivate a flourishing garden brimming with vitality and flavor. Say goodbye to chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and hello to a greener, healthier garden! Head to our youtube channel for our lates video with the full recipe!

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On World Bee Day, let`s buzz with gratitude for our tiny pollinator pals! 🐝 Our garden thrived so much one year, thanks to a neighbor`s unexpected rooftop bee hive.

Who knew a few thousand bees could be such excellent gardeners? #BeeBlessing
Some were not as happy as we were about the situation!

Funny Story: One summer, our garden was in full bloom, and our fruits and flowers were flourishing beyond belief. It was like something out of a gardening magazine. We couldn`t believe our luck. Then, we discovered the secret behind our garden`s success – our neighbor had a bee hive hidden away in her roof!

Oh, did they work their magic! Our garden became a paradise of abundance, with plump fruits and vibrant blooms everywhere you looked.

We couldn`t help but chuckle at the irony of it all. While some might have seen a bee hive as a nuisance, for us, it was a blessing in disguise. But as fate would have it, our neighbor eventually had to remove the hive for safety reasons.

🛁 BEE BATH TIP! Remember to leave a little bowl of water with marbles or rocks out for Bees to have a #beebath during the warmer months! Bee`s need water too and if it`s too deep, they can drown!

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Rosemary-scented vinegar includes an antibacterial that is excellent for wiping tabletops and counter spaces. Add 4 to 8 sprigs of fresh rosemary to infuse your cleaning spray with an earthy rosemary scent.

Four simple steps to follow:

Deposit a few Rosemary sprigs into a large Mason Jar or recycled jar (an old pickle jar works great!).
Add distilled white vinegar to fill the jar almost to the top. Seal with a lid.
Let the mixture sit for 12 to 24 hours.
Pour the scented vinegar into a spray dispenser.

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Not bad for a patio in middle of a major city and in Sweden! Currently I’m growing:
Bell peppers
Edible flowers

What are you all growing this season?

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Banana Peel Fertilizer: Don`t toss those banana peels! They`re packed with potassium, phosphorus, and other nutrients essential for plant growth. Simply chop up banana peels and bury them near the base of your plants to nourish the soil and encourage robust growth. You can use indoor or outdoors - just pour it around the root! Head to our youtube channel for the full recipe!! #bananapeelfertilizer #compost #gardenhacks ...

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