Bird Feeding: A Zero Waste Game that Soars with Fun

Bird Feeding: A Zero Waste Game that Soars with Fun

Jan, 12, 2024

By Jennifer Holmes: Bird Feeding: A Zero Waste Game that Soars with Fun

Getting kids excited about the great outdoors is a great good win–and what could be cooler than making a game out of feeding birds? Picture your yard turns into a concert, with birds as the rock stars. They flit and flutter about, making music that puts even the best playlists to shame. And here’s the kicker–you can jam along with the birds without creating any trash, which is pretty awesome when you think about it. Rolling with this no-waste bird feeding game is like handing kids a ticket to the environmental responsibility show. It’s hands-on, heart-in, and heaps of fun. They’ll like the idea of doing right by Mother Earth and who knows? You might just spark a lifelong passion for keeping our world clean and full of chirpy tunes.

Bird Feeding: A Zero Waste Game that Soars with Fun

Setting the Stage for Birdwatching Bingo

Imagine a game of bingo, but instead of numbers, you’ve got birds! Start by creating a bingo card featuring pictures or names of local birds. The excitement builds as children eagerly watch for these birds to visit your garden. Each time they spot a bird from their card, they can mark it off. Make it even more enticing by adding a little competition–perhaps whoever fills up a row first gets to be the leader of a bird-themed craft later. However, amidst this thrilling game, it’s crucial to address an important issue: window safety for birds. Windows can be a serious hazard for our feathered friends–causing collisions that are harmful or even fatal. As part of the bingo setup, take a moment with the kids to make your windows bird-friendly, perhaps by installing decals or drawing with soap sticks on the glass to prevent any mishaps. This lesson drives home respect for birds beyond just feeding and observing them, emphasizing that we must safeguard their wellbeing at every turn. This game keeps the kids attentive and quiet, which–if–you’ve ever been around kids, you know is a magical state of affairs when it comes to wildlife watching, and fosters an environment of care and safety that even the birds themselves would approve.

Zero Waste Feeding Stations: Creative Upcycling

It’s feeding time, and we’re not talking about a boxed bird feeder from the store. Get the kids involved in creating zero waste feeding stations using materials found right at home. This could be as simple as repurposing toilet paper rolls smeared with peanut butter and rolled in birdseed. Want to step it up a notch? How about a bird feeder made from an old plastic bottle or a fancy dining table crafted from scrap wood? Not only is this a brilliant exercise in upcycling, but kids will also beam with pride knowing their handcrafted feeders are helping their feathered friends and the planet.

The Art of Bird-Friendly and Waste-Free Snacks

Now let’s consider the bird buffet. A zero waste angle means no plastic bags of birdseed. Instead, turn it into a learning moment where kids can mix their own birdseed using bulk grains and nuts. You can even encourage them to collect fallen seeds, nuts, and fruit in your own backyard. When creating these bird-friendly snacks, conversation about various bird diets will naturally emerge, offering a delightful educational twist to the game. As the kids watch the birds feast on their homemade delicacies, they’ll see firsthand the results of their hard work.

Patience Pays Off: The Observation Challenge

Bird feeding is a game of patience–so why not make it part of the fun? Teach and challenge the children to see who can remain still and quiet the longest while waiting for birds. It’s almost like the game of statue but with the extra thrill of being the first to spot a bird. It teaches restraint as well as a bit of friendly competition, and deep attention to the details of the natural world around them. The child who wins could be given the responsibility to lead the next bird food crafting session or get first dibs on the binoculars.

Closing the Loop: Beyond the Game

Once the kiddos are all into the game, why not chat about more ways to be pals with the birds? Things like planting super cool native blossoms, saying no to nasty bug sprays, or going full-on crafty with a handmade birdhouse. This way, they get that caring for our feathery buddies is more than play–it’s a promise to make our world a better spot. When the game wraps up, there’s zero mess left, only a bunch of amped-up kids gabbing about their winged pals. Through a litter-free game, the young ones learn that every little bit counts towards keeping nature awesome.

In this game of bird feeding, every player wins, especially the earth. It’s a heartwarming sight to watch children blossom into compassionate eco-warriors, all the while giggling over the antics of their avian allies. Ready, set, the birds are waiting!

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