Frequently Asked questions


When did you go zero waste?

In 2015 while living in an apartment in Sweden we decided to remove our trash can officially become zero wasters after been on the path to it for years.


Why did you go zero waste?

Part was because it was a fun challenge to see if we could do it and of course part of it was that we simple wants to be part of the solution instead of the problem


Does zero waste take more time?

Although we these days make lots of things from scratch e.g. bread, granola bars, cooking, household cleaners etc. we have found that for us it does not take more time and making things a home takes less time than hopping in our car and driving to the store to buy the stuff.


Is it more expensive to be zero waste?

Not for us and with zero waste also came a simple and more minimal life. Since becoming zero waste we save more than $18,000 per year by being zero waste.


What was the hardest things to give up?

James zip lock bags, Fredrikas facial cream and Bellas individually wrapped candy


What are your compromise items (not zero waste but you still buy them)?

The occasional gifts for the kids.

We live on an urban homestead in the middle of San Diego

Together as a family, we care for our 400 square foot backyard garden— which sources many of our meals. While living zero-waste has been challenging and has often required creativity, we always knew the end result would be worth the hard work.

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