Plant-Based, Vegan
Fredrika Syren

Gluten-Free Bread Rolls

These bread rolls are inspired by a bread loaf I made with beans during our frugal food challenge in June. My daughter is very sensitive to gluten, so I want

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Minimalism and Fashion
Fredrika Syren

Capsule Wardrobes

I’m a person who tries to live a green and minimal life but who also loves fashion and clothes. The problem with fashion is that trends change very quickly, so

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Minimalism Living
Fredrika Syren

Homeschool—Here We Go Again!!!

Pretty much since we went on lockdown, we have discussed and planned for what we would do this fall. Just as it is for everyone else with kids, we have

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Hello there! My name is Fredrika and I’m a Sweden native living in San Diego, California with my husband James and our three children. I’m an environmental writer and have been sharing my family’s journey of living zero-waste since we shifted our lifestyle back in 2016.

Book - Zero Waste for Families
Film - Zero Time To Waste