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We all know how much unnecessary waste can accumulate during the holiday season… 🗑️😠

We are here to be a ⭐️resource⭐️ for an Eco friendly holiday season! @bellaearth is showing us one of her faves! 🤫 You can still sign up for the holiday resource guide on the homepage of our website!

🙌The @pelacase is a Brand on a mission! 🙌

Not only do they make gorgeous phone cases to protect your expensive phone, they are all inspired by plants, the cases are compostable and they donate to ocean clean up and preservation initiatives!

Perfect stocking stuffer or the perfect gift someone will actually use for a loved one! The hardest part is picking out which one you will order!💯

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It's amazing how one small act of reuse can make a big difference! 🌎 Come explore the City Farmer Nursery used containter station! They accept old bags of compost, six packs and containers. They reuse these items and even donate them to schools for growing. They're doing their part in making gardening sustainable!


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Growing garlic greens also known as garlic scape on my window shelf to be used as herbs.

To grow garlic greens indoors, plant three or four cloves in a pot filled with potting soil. Grow them on a sunny window ledge and water them lightly. The garlic greens will grow in just seven to 10 days and can be snipped.

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It’s Black Friday and I’m so excited to offer 50% off my gardening course! Learn how to grow food inside or outside, even microgreens. 🎁 I am also offering a Black Friday Bundle with my course and book - A Practical Guide to Zero Waste for Families - for a special price + free shipping! Get the bundle, get the course, get the book!

Check out the full YouTube video on our channel with a review of the @letpotgarden indoor hydroponic system!
Link in bio!

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Our amazing Holiday Bundle is live! Because we're so passionate about changing lives and helping the planet, we are throwing all our favorites into this special Black Friday bundle.

When you buy your bundle this weekend you will get your own copy of our book, full access to our game-changing online gardening course, and our exclusive holiday resource list.

And when you shop with intention this holiday season, the shipping is on us!

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Happy Thanksgiving! ...

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Make your Thanksgiving less wasteful this year with these easy tips! Head to our YouTube channel for the full video!

At the grocery store, bring your own bags and shop local and zero waste.

Instead of buying plastic decorations, use natural items like pumpkins, cinnamon sticks, twigs, leaves, etc.

Avoid disposable plates and napkins and opt for the real thing.

Create your own infused water with essential oils, fruits, and herbs for a beautiful table display.

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Hey everyone! 👋 If you have some time off this holiday season, check out some of our latest YouTube videos. We talk about growing food indoors 🥬 , teach you about a cool hydroponic system that can help you provide fresh food for your family 🌽 , zero-waste Thanksgiving solutions 🧅 , and some delicious recipes to help you stay cozy and warm this upcoming winter! ☃️ ...

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🌿 Discover the eco-friendly secret at City Farmer Nursery - bring back those soil bags and give your garden a sustainable makeover. 🌎 Reduce, Reuse, and let your garden thrive! 🌼🌿


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Head to our website and sign up for the holiday bundle on the home page! Just drop your name and email and you will receive our exclusive list of trusted brands, the shop this holiday season that have the planet in mind! 🌍

Head to our YouTube channel to check out our latest video on growing food indoors and reviewing the @letpotgarden

Stay tuned as we have our Thanksgiving YouTube video dropping in the next 24 hours! 🍂 Everything you need to know for a less wasteful thanksgiving!

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