Line drying and best line drying options

Line drying and best line drying options

Jul, 16, 2023

Line drying and best line drying options

Line drying and best line drying options
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Dryers account for around 5.8% of an average household’s energy usage—more than any other appliance! The good news is you can easily lower your energy consumption by using a drying rack during the cold seasons and a clothesline in the spring and summer.  

Hang-drying laundry is a bit more work, but it saves lots of energy and protects your clothes. Agitation from the dryer is harsh on fabrics, and the heat can cause static cling. Allowing the moisture in your clothes to dissipate naturally helps garments to hold their shape longer. Line drying reduces the need for dryer sheets, and the sun bleaches whites! Two more laundry products you can drop!

We like to air dry our clothes using a simple, effective drying rack from Ikea. It can be extended when in use and folded for easy storage. During summer, laundry dries in no time!

Here are some other great drying racks:

Collapsible, bamboo dryer rack

Outdoor 4-arm clothesline

 Collapsible tripod dryer rack

Maple wood portable and foldable dryer rack

Read my post about how we do zero waste laundry here and here

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