Wild Blueberry Crumble

Yesterday we did something we used to love doing as a family when we lived here—we went blueberry picking in the forest by our old house, and from our bounty, we made blueberry crumble! Last week I posted about the magic of foraging and how much our family loves doing that.

There is nothing better than spending a full day in the forest as a family, enjoying the sound of birds, the wind in the tree tops, and happy children running around discovering. After a couple of hours picking loads of blueberries, our hands and Liam’s face stained blue, we sat down by the lake and ate our lunch before continuing our walk. 

People ask me all the time—What’s the difference between wild and farmed blueberries? Wild blueberries are the king of antioxidants, containing a whopping two times more antioxidants than regular blueberries. They’re also packed with anti-inflammatory anthocyanins. Anthocyanins give wild blueberries the striking blue color that stains your hands when you pick them.

Wild Blueberry Crumble

The blueberry crumble we made is a Swedish classic—veganized, of course. We ate our crumble with vegan vanilla ice cream, but whip cream tastes delicious too. I love making my blueberry crumbles with mint (what a fantastic combination!), but I didn’t have mint this time, so I omitted it. 

According to the kids, crumbles taste 100 times better when you’ve picked the berries yourself. Wild blueberries grow in the forest in Sweden, making their appearance at the end of summer. If you plan on foraging your berries, now is the time!

Wild Blueberry Crumble

Wild Blueberry Crumble

·      500 grams of fresh or frozen wild blueberries

·      1 tbsp minced fresh mint leaves (optional)

·      1 ½  Tbsp cornstarch

·      ½ cup sugar

·      ¾ cup oats

·      ¾ cup all-purpose flour

·      125 grams of butter


1.    Preheat oven to 425F/250C.

2.    Spread blueberries and mint, if using, in a pie dish.

3.    Sprinkle cornstarch over, and carefully mix until berries are coated.

4.    Blend oats, flour, sugar, and butter. Use fingers to make a crumbly dough. 

5.    Sprinkle dough over blueberries in an even layer.

6.    Bake for 20 minutes.

7.    Let it cool slightly before serving it warm with ice cream or whip cream. 

If you want more blueberry recipe check out my blueberry scone recipe here

Here is a great blueberry jam recipe

Don’t forget about the blueberry leaves that makes great tea-

I like making blueberry tea by adding a few dried blueberries to the leaves. Blueberry tea contains lots of antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen properties. Blueberry bushes like to be in pari in order to pollinate so make sure to plant at least two

Fredrika Syren

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