DIY Zero Waste Vitamin Water

DIY Zero Waste Vitamin Water

I don’t know how things are where you all are but here in Sweden it’s been pretty hot so we’re confusing on stying cool and hydrated and making sure to drink plenty of water. My family drinks lots of water normally but to changes things up and to add a tad vitamins and flavor to the water I love to make infused water. Stunning and refreshing, homemade “vitamin water” beats store-bought water for both flavor and cost. It’s highly versatile and chock full of nutrients and antioxidants. Making your own infused water also reduces plastic consumption and is a fantastic way to practice zero waste.

Infused water is the perfect beverage to keep in the fridge for easy grab-and-go or to serve to guests as a fun treat on a hot day. I love to serve it at dinner parties, too! I’ve noticed that water infused with vibrant fruits and herbs is a hit with children. With the appeal of vitamin water, it’s easy to avoid serving alcohol and sodas.

Store bought vitamin water in general will cost you and comes packaged in plastic and contains flavour enhancer (erythritol), citric acid, vitamins (C, niacin, pantothenic acid, B6), fruit and vegetable concentrates (carrot, blackcurrant), sweetener (steviol glycosides), natural flavourings, mineral salt (zinc gluconate). Some ingredients are ok but when you use natural fruit, veggies, berries and herbs you do not need to add sweetners.

The reasons for making your own vitamin water are:

  • Saves money
  • It’s plastic free
  • It’s good for you
  • It’s fun

I like making my vitamin water in mason jars with lids and make a lot of them to keep in the fridge to have an easy cool and beautiful if I may add, drink to grab and go at anytime.

DIY Zero Waste Vitamin Water

To make infused water:

Begin with filtered, unpolluted water and a wide-mouth glass canning jar of just about any size. Quart or pint size jars are easy to have ready and waiting in the fridge. A glass pitcher is dazzling, especially for parties. 

Simply add fresh, unbruised herbs, fruits, and vegetables of your choice. If you like your drinks with a bit of sweetness, try using oranges or pineapples first. If you prefer more of a subtle, refreshing flavor, cucumber or apple are delicious. 

Once you choose a fruit to infuse, try mixing in a few fresh herbs for added zing. Some unlikely contenders like basil, thyme, rosemary, or sage are mouthwatering when paired with fruit. Feel free to use up extra seasonal fruit or fruit that is ripe and needs to be eaten. You could also use frozen fruit from earlier in the season.

Fill the jar to the top with water, cover, and leave in the fridge to meld the flavors for a few hours or overnight.

Hot tips—

Use thin slices or cubes for faster infusion. 

When extra short on time, use a few drops of your favorite essential oils, but don’t skip the fruits and hebs—they provide ravishing visual appeal! 

I only use Young Living essential oils since they are safe to ingest. My favorite essential oils for vitamin water are orange, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and grapefruit. 

Want to get creative? Here are some fun flavors to try—

  • Lemon slices
  • Orange slices
  • Mint
  • Lemon Balm
  • Cucumber slices or cubes
  • Lemon & Mint
  • Lemon & Cucumber
  • Strawberries
  • Strawberries & Mint
  • Fresh Strawberries and a drop of Basil Essential Oil
  • Mint Essential Oil (Be careful: this can become very strong, so less is more.)
  • Blueberries & Mint
  • Peach cubes
  • Apple slices and Parsley
  • Kumquats slices


How about making non-alcoholic drinks for your guests? Here are my recipes for fun drinks without the booze.

Fredrika Syren

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