zGreen Mom's Kitchen

Homemade popsicles

In two days we’re leaving Sweden to go home to San Diego again. It’s been great to be here and I sad to go. The bummer is that I’m been

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zMisc (formerly nutrition)

Hemp — Makes It Easy Being Green

By Chef Centehua The hemp plant has been cultivated for millennia, its use dating back to the Neolithic Age in China, Asia, the Middle East, and eventually Western Europe. It’s known

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zGreen Mom's Kitchen

Beet Quinoa Risotto

! found beautiful beets at the farmers market today and make old favorite beet risotto with quinoa instead of rice. I love this risotto because it’s very slightly sweet and

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zChild and Baby

The Joy of Traveling with Kids

Fredrica Syren Now, if you did not detect the sarcasm in the title and you think this is an article about how perfect our 18-hour journey to Sweden was, you

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zGreen Mom's Kitchen

It’s My Birthday….

And I will skip blogging if I want to:)Today I’m celebrating my birthday with my favorite people in the whole world and some really yummy food not cooked by me.

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Plant-Based, Vegan

Warm Potato Salad

After a long day at the beach we were all so tired so I made a warm potato salad and served with a bean salad. I don’t like regular potato

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Plant-Based, Vegan

Thyme Tofu Patties

The days just seems to last forever here in Sweden and many thanks is due to long daylight. We spend so much time outside having fun. Most lunches are eaten

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Plant-Based, Vegan

Creamy Tomato Soup

I did not post anything yesterday due to our traveling. We’re finally waking up on our first vacation morning in Sweden. The trip here was long and hard because Noah

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Plant-Based, Vegan

Moroccan Spiced Lentils

My gosh, we have a very sick crew here and funny thing is we all have come down with different illnesses. I have a bad cold, Bella has pink eye

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Growing Potatoes in Pots

By Fredrica Syren Growing potatoes is so much fun, and they taste way better than store bought potatoes. Most people believe you need a huge space to grow them, when,

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Plant-Based, Vegan

Plum Galettes

I get so excited this time of the year when I go to the farmer’s market. After a long winter with mostly apples, oranges and root vegetables a greater variety

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🌍 Ditch the plastic and make a sustainable switch! 🧽✨ Clean your dishes with wooden scrubber brushes or coconut fiber scrubbers to reduce plastic waste and protect our planet. Every small change counts! 🌿💧 #EcoFriendly #SustainableLiving #plasticfreejuly #zerowastefamily @plasticfreejuly ...

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Looks like it will be a record berry year and we have harvested tons of currants, black, white and red so I need some inspiration what to do with them all.
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Today we went blueberry picking for the first time this season but for sure not the last time
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Nothing beats coming home after vacation and eating food grown on my patio garden. We’re eating potatoes, cucumbers, broad beans, herbs, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, sugar snap peas and lots of berries.
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