How to send a Holiday Card Without Waste 

How to Send a Holiday Card Without Waste 

Nov, 22, 2022

How to send a Holiday Card Without Waste 

How to send a Holiday Card Without Waste 

Every holiday season, roughly 1 billion Christmas cards are tossed into the trash, along with 300,000 tons of card packaging. Unfortunately, the waste isn’t the only bad part—generic greeting cards are typically made with chemically processed and dyed paper that’s harmful to the planet. 

Now I don’t want to act like a grinch and take away the joy of sending cards, so let’s talk about how you can send cards with as little waste and chemicals as possible. 

Send a plastic-free and plantable card — These cards are sold package free and are chemical-free and plantable. Once the receiver is done with the card, they can plant it in the garden, and it will grow wildflowers! 

Picture from The Seed Card Company

Package Free Shop Plantable Cards

The Seed Card Company

Seed Cards on Etsy

Botanical PaperWorks

Make your own cards — If you’re a crafter, consider making your own cards. My kids make cards for friends and birthday parties using post-recycled and chemical-free paper, recycled paper, dried flowers, leaves, and watercolors. Here are some fun ideas for homemade cards, and of course, you can make them more eco-friendly using recycled materials. 

Send sustainable cards — There are lots of companies that sell cards that are plastic free, made with 100% recycled content, FSC® Certified and Green-e Certified, manufactured with 100% renewable green energy, and processed without chlorine. 

Picture from https://www.jackandellapaper.com

Here are some of our favorites:

Aya Paper Co.

This card from Soak it Up Dishcloths doubles as a dishcloth!

Jack and Ella Paper

Send an E-Card — E-cards are an easy and waste-free option for sending a holiday card.

Blue Mountain E-cards

American Greeting E-cards

Hallmark Video Greetings

Happy Holidays!

Here are some great ideas to use old holiday greeting cards for kid’s crafts.

For more zero waste holiday check out how to be more sustainable this holiday season and how to host a holiday party the zero waste style.

Fredrika Syren

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