Natural Earth Paint  Review 

Natural Earth Paint Review 

Nov, 16, 2022

Natural Earth Paint  Review 

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that my kids and I love painting and doing all kinds of arts and crafts. Unfortunately, lots of children’s arts and crafts materials contain harmful chemicals, preservatives and synthetics. Children put art materials on their skin, and some also put them into their mouths. It’s a fact that arts and crafts materials almost never include lists of their ingredients, and many traditional common products usually contain petrochemicals, heavy metal based pigments. The most common toxins found in children’s paint are lead, cadmium and formaldehyde. It’s also a fact that children’s arts and crafts paints are exempted from consumer paint lead laws. That’s crazy to me because the risk involved with lead exposure for children is common knowledge.

Natural Earth Paint  Review 

For years, I mostly have been using Natural Earth Paint because it contains only pure, natural earth and mineral pigments, and organic ingredients without any preservatives, heavy metals, solvents, synthetics and fillers. Earth pigments are clay and mineral earth prevalent in native soils all over the world. They have been tested by government approved toxicologists and third party labs, and are 100% nontoxic. Even the package is sustainable because they are made with 100% post-consumer fiber.

For our zero waste family I love the fact that they do sell their paint powder zero waste and in bulk and offer zero skipping options. 

I like that some of their paints are vegan and that they clearly mark which ones contain animal products. I like that Natural Earth Paints are powders that can be mixed with a little water to make the paints. This makes storing them and preserving them very easy but also makes cleanup a breeze, which is always a plus in this mom’s book. Since this paint is a powder it last longer and you can just make up the right amount of paint needed for the time and you don’t have paints drying up and spoiling. 

We hosted a zero waste family pumpkin painting event right before Halloween and we used natural earth paint for that and it worked great. 

The products they sell are and we use are:

paint kit

face paint

Earth flag paint kit

Natural wood egg paint kit

Eco friendly glitter

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Fredrika Syren

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