Plant-Based, Vegan

Seitan casserole with curry and mango

A creamy casserole with taste of mango and curry, could it be better? These are some of my favorite flavor combination sweet and spicy. Kids will love the sweetness and

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Plant-Based, Vegan

Carrot cup cakes

This is the dessert that I made for our Easter dinner. It’s carrot cup cakes with an amazing orange butter cream frosting. They were a huge hit at the dinner

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Plant-Based, Vegan

Carob waffles

Today is waffle day in Sweden where I’m from and since you can take the girl out of Sweden but not Sweden out of the girl I made waffles for

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Plant-Based, Vegan

Cheese crackers

I made these last night and they are so good and are great with cheese, hummos or pate. They are a bit salty which I like. The trick is to

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Plant-Based, Vegan

Pizza party!!!

My husband got a pizza stone and pizza cook book for christmas and a pizza baker (me) when he got married so last weekend was pizza party time. Pizza stone

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Plant-Based, Vegan

Lettuce wraps

I’m blessed with a child who looooooves tofu and what better and more nutritional food can you feed your child. It has complete protein and good amount of calcium. I

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Plant-Based, Vegan

Healthy Spring Rolls

I had cravings for spring rolls but not the fat that comes with it so I was determine to make my own and healthy spring rolls. I baked them instead

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Coconut Yogurt

Me and Bella went for an early hike this morning, well I hiked and Bella hung out in the stroller eating breakfast. It felt good to be out early in

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Plant-Based, Vegan


No it was not a misspelling it’s a actually one one my favorite soups, a Russian beet soup. It’s great and hardy soup to eat when it’s cold outside. However,

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If you have lots of lemons make preserved lemons. I use preserved lemons in my hummus, in dressings and stews. It’s super easy to make, just lemons and salt.

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This month's #zerowastechallenge is all about natural cleaning products. Are you ready to take it on?

This is a great opportunity to try out some new things, like DIYing your own cleaning supplies or choosing a natural option for your dish soap (and even making it smell good!). This can be a great way to reduce the chemicals in your home, as many natural cleaners don't have the same chemical composition as their conventional counterparts.

If you're interested in learning more about this topic—or just want some inspiration for how to get started—check out our book, A Practical Guide to Zero Waste for Families!

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"We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the Earth as its other creatures do." - Barbara Ward

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Just saying!

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Calling all hummus lovers!

There is nothing our family loves more than hummus so please share your best hummus recipes.

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Not only do I firmly believe that gardening also gives children a greater appreciation for nature, but I believe also that gardening can be classroom and a great way to teach children about nutrition, biology, math, science and history. It broadens their awareness of the world, as well. Most children will be interested in gardening if you invite them to participate and show them wonders to be discovered.

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Modest harvest of fava beans also known as broad beans. Our family love broad beans because they are a easy-to-grow and the beans are high in protein and fiber.

Like other bean plants, broad beans improve soil quality by adding nitrogen to it, rather than taking away from it.

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You probably don't think much about what happens to the trash that winds up in your household. But, all that stuff is going somewhere. And where it goes can have a huge impact on our planet. Going zero-waste in your home can help our planet, — and save you tons of money!

Think about it: we're throwing away so much stuff every day. Food that goes bad because we didn't eat it in time, clothes that no longer fit, and cleaning supplies that go unused. It all adds up fast! But when you start thinking about how much money you're spending on disposable items, it's shocking.

We've made it easier than ever to start going zero waste by publishing a book on how you can do it in your own home, which is available as an ebook or paperback on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble!

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My day of preserving herbs. Guess if my house smells good 😁


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We've been reading your comments and we know you're looking for some quick tips to get started on your zero-waste journey! We know you're trying to reduce your waste and be as zero-waste as possible, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. Check out the tips above for some easy ways to start going zero waste, and read below for some of our favorite pieces of advice for when you're considering giving up!

1. Start small—start with one or two changes that you feel comfortable with and then build from there!

2. Don't get overwhelmed by all the choices out there—find a few brands or stores that have products you love and stick with them!

3. Find an accountability partner to share your experiences with so that you can encourage each other along the way!

4. Don't be afraid to ask questions! And, if you're still not sure where to get started, don't worry—we wrote a book about it!

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