5 Dot Art Paintings for Kids

Sep, 29, 2022

5 Dot Art Paintings for Kids

Dot art paintings have a rich history in Australia. Aboriginal people from the land down under traveled across the country and used symbols to communicate with others of the same tribe. That’s when aboriginal symbols depicted in the form of dots, lines and circles transpired. These symbols are used to represent men, women, stars, fire, waterholes, water, creeks, sand hills, spears, campsites, even a group of people gathered around a campsite.

It’s amazing how a group of dots, once disseminated in the past, played a vital role in recordingandretaining momentous information, thus illustrating Dreamtime stories.

5 Dot Art Paintings for KidsToday, dots are merely blots on paper. But to kids, they can be an art project waiting to happen! Dot art paintings are a great way to get kids’ creative juices started. Not only are they easy to make but they’re fun, too!

There are several ways to create dot art paintings. Different “canvases” can be used for painting, too: cardboard, white paper, brown paper — even a rock with a plain, smooth surface — whatever piques their interest! So how do we start making the dots? Pretty easy. Here are 5 dot art paintings and tools your kids should try. The best part is you can use a lot “waste” that you can recycle for this fun project.

  1. Pencil Erasers

Get a couple of pencils with their erasers intact. You can sharpen the erasers until they are different sizes, which then can be used for differently sized dots. Why don’t you try letting your kids start on a simple flower outline and use as many colors as possible for the petals!

  1. Q-Tips

Aaahhh, the go-to for dot art paintings. Using Q-tips can give your kids more control. What they can do is tie up a bunch of Q-tips. Each bunch should have assorted pieces of Q-tips so the dots will come out in different sizes! Try a kangaroo or koala outline for this activity.

  1. Toothpicks

You also can keep it simple by using toothpicks. The same goes with your Q-tips: tie a bunch of toothpicks into small and large bundles, depending on how big or how small you want your dots. This time, let them paint a collection of stars different colors!

  1. Chopsticks

Get those unused chopsticks out of the kitchen cabinet and start outlining some mandala designs for your kids to try.

  1. Brushes

No kid will ever go wrong with traditional small brushes with a blunt and circular tip. Push them hard and you get a huge dot; tap them lightly and you get a small dot. Try a beautiful mountain-behind-the-trees outline this time.

There are no rules regarding the tools you can use for dot art paintings. You can search your house for any kind of object with a circular tip. As for the designs, let your kids use their imaginations. Any design will come out great if done with love!

To learn more about dot painting check out this link

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