Wooden Cutting Board and Wooden Utensil Care

Nov, 01, 2021

I spend my entire day in the kitchen cooking 3 meals and a multitude of snacks for the kids. In the process, I use my wooden cutting board and wooden utensils many times over. This means I also have to take good care of them so they will last for a long time and this is my wooden cutting board and wooden utensil care.

The biggest risk for wooden kitchen items is cracking because bacteria can accumulate in the cracks. I tend to discard them if that happens. The good news is that taking good care of wooden kitchen tools minimizes cracks. 

The most important thing to remember is never to run wooden utensils or cutting boards through the dishwasher. Instead, after use, wash them quickly with a little warm water and a drop of detergent. I always air dry all my wood kitchen tools. 


This method is very good for everyday use — but sometimes you want to do a more proper cleaning. For that, I moisten the board, sprinkle some salt on it and let it sit for a while. Then I scrub it with half a lemon. After that, I scrub it with a sponge and, finally, rinse it in water. Afterwards, I wipe it down with a kitchen towel and let it air dry until completely dry. 

I oil my wooden utensils and cutting boards once a month to make them last longer. This how I do it. ▪ 8 oz walnut oil▪ 10 drops of lemon oil

Mix the two oils together. Lemon essential oil will naturally disinfect and remove bad smells. Use rags made from old towels or t-shirts. Dip them into the oil mixture, then rub it in into your wooden tools. Leave the tools out on a towel in the kitchen, exposed to air so they dry completely. 

Fredrika Syren

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