Downshifting Tips

Downshifting Tips

Downshifting Tips We live in a big, fast, grand world that glorifies success, but at what cost? The modern lifestyle we’ve all become accustomed to

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Rescheduled from last week! We are so glad Deb got her account back!

Join us for a sourdough starter GIVEAWAY and convo all about WHY EVERYONE IS OBSESSED WITH SOURDOUGH and make sure you are following @everything.sourdough and @zero.waste.family to win on our IG LIVE on 9/30/22 at 12:00 PST!

See you then and please DM us with any burning questions about sourdough + sustainability!

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School is back in full swing so I’m food prepping and making mason jar grab-and-go snacks.

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Have you ever dreamt of having the most perfect and organized home?

Theresa is an intentional organizer and is going to share some amazing information with us to help clear clutter and live a more simple life!

Join @homegirl.space and Fredrika with Zero Waste Family to talk all things HOME ORGANIZATION, DECLUTTERING and SUSTAINABILITY!

Learn tips you can do around your house to stay sustainable and mess free! Especially with kids, art, cooking, homesteading and more!

See you on the 26th at 5:15 PM PST!

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The $18,000+ we have saved since going zero waste is one of the most exciting by-products of our environment friendly lifestyle!

The list of things we stopped buying and instead make or find alternatives for at home is greater than anything we could ever share in a single social media post

However, we wanted to share this list 5 products we've eliminated from our shopping list because they were once staples we thought we could never live without and our mission is to make going zero waste more accessible to growing families!

Grab your copy of Zero Waste for Families using the link below and learn exactly how to do less with more so you can start stacking your savings too


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Thank you everyone who came to talk to us at the @mediaontherise launch party in La Jolla today.

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Every heard of black chokeberries? They are a superfood and our latest video, Liam and I forage some and make jam.


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Just a few more days to get the info on all things sourdough with Deb Lemos @everything.sourdough

Tune in on the 21st at noon to learn about sourdough and follow both of our accounts to enter to win a starter kit!🤞

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