How to Reduce Chemicals from Your Life

Sep, 28, 2021

Unfortunately, many items at home, as well as products we buy, contain harmful chemicals. The problem is a lack of restrictions to prevent manufacturers from using chemicals in their products. It is impossible to protect against all harmful chemicals. But it is possible to avoid several of them. By making an environmental effort, you reduce the risk of a toxic cocktail effect (when the interaction of several chemicals may have an unpleasant health effect). Here are some of my tips for how to reduce chemicals from your life.

  • Chemicals you may be exposed to daily:
  • Formaldehyde—Found in glue, nails polish, paints and much more
  • Benzene—Found in plastic, detergents, paints and smoke
  • Chlorine—Usually found in lots of laundry detergent and household cleaners
  • Phthalates—Found in shampoo, soap and plastics

Here are ways to reduce harmful chemicals from your daily life:

September 23, 2021

Fredrika Syren

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