How To Host A Clothing Swap 

How To Host A Clothing Swap 

Nov, 07, 2022

How To Host A Clothing Swap 

Are your closets stuffed with ill-fitting clothes or items that no longer suit your style? Host a clothing swap! Clothes swaps are a sustainable way to deal with unwanted clothes and expand your wardrobe. And they’re a blast!

How To Host A Clothing Swap 

Here are tips for hosting a clothing swap:

1.    Find a cozy place. This is a big one! You can host a clothing swap in your garden, apartment, or school. The place will depend on the number of guests you would like to invite to your swap. You can organize it in your home or rent an external space. Another idea could be to ask organizers of bigger events if they would like to host a clothing swap.

2. Limit the number of pieces. Be picky! Quality is better than quantity, so be sure to limit the pieces people are bringing to the swap. It also ensures you won’t end up with a bunch of pieces that nobody wants. Plus, keeping the space clutter-free makes searching through clothing a breeze. One suggestion is to ask people to bring 2-5 high-quality items instead of bags of clothes. 

3. Make the pieces shine. Provide a coat stand or shelves to make clothes appear orderly and appealing. You might even feature a few unique pieces on display. Have plenty of hangers available and organize clothes according to size. It helps to see all the items at one glance without rummaging through them and making a mess.

4. No party without snacks and drinks! Entice people to stay longer by providing some simple snacks and drinks. This is an easy way to make your swap more social and fun. 

5. Decide what to do with left-overs. Be sure to let your guests know what will happen with clothes that remain at the end of the day. Will attendees need to take them back home, or will you donate them? You could search for a homeless shelter beforehand and ask if they are interested in donations. Or, if you have the space, you could always store them for your next clothing swap!

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