6 Beautiful Flowering Plants Perfect for Spring Planting

Jun, 16, 2024

Learning about vibrant flowers is a great way to add a pop of color and welcome pollinators into your yard. But with so many possibilities, it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start.

Around 80% of Americans garden regularly, including planting, which explains why many of us want to find the perfect blooms this spring.

If that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the six best flowers for spring planting. 

  1. Tulips

Tulips are a staple in a springtime garden, thanks to their lively colors. Grouping tulips can instantly elevate your yard’s aesthetic and create a warm, inviting mood for guests. The beauty of these flowers is that you can either house them in a planter or, if you want to get creative, create a cottage-style patch with a sea of radiant tulips. 

2. Daffodils 

Another great choice is daffodils. These flowers thrive in partial shade and almost any soil, making them a great bloom for budding gardeners. You can also place them near trees and shrubs to create a great visual ensemble. 

An added bonus is that daffodils’ fragrance and appearance uplift your mood. This is because daffodils are usually the first flowers to announce the arrival of spring. 

3. Hyacinths 

No springtime garden is complete without a splash of hyacinths. Gardeners are spoiled with choice by their colors, whether it’s a rich purple or baby pink. What makes hyacinths a great addition to any yard is their fragrance, transforming a simple stroll in your yard into an aromatherapy experience. 

4. Lilacs 

Out of all the springtime blooms, lilacs are the most resilient. Surprisingly, lilacs can live over a century and are low-maintenance, which is a dream if you have a large floral section. You can also enjoy watching lilacs flower between spring and summer, where your garden will pop even more. 

5. Crocuses

Renowned for producing saffron, crocuses work best in full sun or partial shade.

Aside from their beauty, crocuses also function by attracting bees to your garden, helping both them and other flowers thrive. It’s also a treat that crocuses bloom in the colder months, gifting you bright flowers during the colder months. 

6. Pansies 

Our list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the classic: pansies.

These flowers are popular because they have a long blooming period that reigns from spring to fall. This means you can rely on their colors gracing your yard for longer than others on this list. Pansies are also adaptable, so you can decide whether you want them in planters or pots for an elegant look.

Or, if pansies aren’t bright enough, sprinkle wild lupine seeds and watch them emerge in beautiful purples and textures. 

Elevate Your Spring Planting Today

Now that you know the best blooms for spring planting, it’s time to flex your green thumb. 

Gardeners can choose from elegant flowers like tulips to the regal crocus. The exciting part is that you can experiment with different blooms until you find one that aligns with your vision. Happy gardening! 

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Fredrika Syren

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