zChild and Baby
Contributing Writer

The Science of Starting Solids

By Linda F. Palmer:  Every child and every family has different preferences, genetic tendencies, and needs. Parents and babies are also full of natural instincts that help guide them, if

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zGreen Mom Says
Fredrika Syren

Nature Kids

By Fredrica Syren a.k.a Green Mom: Spending time outdoors is a wonderful reminiscence for many of us. I have so many fond memories of learning and playing with my parents

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Recent Articles
James Harker

Toxic Receipts?

By James Harker-Syren (a.k.a Green Dad): To be honest, I’ve never given receipts a second thought. I’d guess I’ve handled about 25,000 receipts as an adult (3/day). I’ve also handed

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Hello there! My name is Fredrika and I’m a Sweden native living in San Diego, California with my husband James and our three children. I’m an environmental writer and have been sharing my family’s journey of living zero-waste since we shifted our lifestyle back in 2016.

Book - Zero Waste for Families
Film - Zero Time To Waste