Zero Waste Valentine’s Day Tips

Feb, 13, 2020

Valentine’s Day should be about taking a moment to show people that you care about them. However, it has become a day for spending lots of money on things wrapped in plastic and packaging. I feel we have forgotten about simplicity and how to show love the frugal and waste free way. Forget about a huge teddy bear and other Valentine themed items. Instead, let’s get creative with our gifts. 

Gifts for adults:

Home cooked meal—Forget overpriced restaurant meals on Valentine’s Day. I personally love someone’s cooking for me. And setting a nice table to go with a nice meal is a bonus. What a great gift! 

Picnic—Find a nice spot with a view, by a lake, or in a forest or park — and pack a nice picnic.

Hike, bike or walk the beach—There’s nothing like fresh air and some exercise at the same time for a fun Valentine’s gift. 

Experiences—I’d much rather do something with my loved ones than receive gifts; so naturally I also like giving experiences such as a visit to a museum, listening to live music, or seeing a play or a movie. 

Fruit basket—Instead of offering chocolate, how about going to a local farmers’ market for fruits and berries to make a fun Valentine gift basket.

Homemade bath salts—All you need is a mason jar, Epsom salts, some nice essential oils like lavender, orange or rose — and you have a wonderful gift.

Bubble bath—Nothing is more romantic than a warm bath with nice smelling bubbles, dimmed light, calming music and candles to tell someone how much you care for them.


Special breakfast—For my kids, I always make heart shaped pancakes for Valentine’s breakfast, and serve them at a table extra nicely set with candles.

Love notes—I send love notes in the shape of a heart in their lunch boxes. They will say something simple like “I love you,” “Be my Valentine,” and “I’m proud of you.”

Homemade treats—Kids love homemade treats like cookies, caramel popcorn, milk shakes, ice cream Sundays or cupcakes. You can always shape them as hearts.

Bulk candy in decorated mason jars—Buy candy in bulk, then put it into mason jars decorated with ribbons — a guaranteed hit with kids. 

I wish you a Valentine’s Day full of love from loved ones. Be sure to make some time to appreciate yourself, too!

February 17, 2020

Fredrika Syren

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