Zero Waste Hair Ties

Zero Waste Hair Ties

Oct, 14, 2020

Zero Waste Hair Ties

Of all the waste I see when I’m out, hair ties are what I always find everywhere — on the beach, in the park, at the gym and on the street. Standard hair ties are incredibly wasteful. They tend to break very easily and are usually made with synthetic and plastic materials that are not biodegradable, so they just end up adding to our plastic pollution problem. 

Zero Waste Hair Ties

I finally grew my hair long enough to create a bun without hair ties. But my daughter, just like many women and men, still uses them. So, let’s explores zero waste hair tie options. 

Kooshoo Hair Ties—I love these because they are super durable and come in a pack of five, so they are very good deal. Made with organic cotton and natural rubber, they are created ethically by a California family business. Kooshoo ties come in biodegradable and recycled packaging with no plastic. 

Terra Ties—These ties also are durable and are made from organic cotton and natural rubber. They are biodegradable. 

Finally, here are ways you can upcycle old broken hair ties.

Our hair care is zero waste and you learn more here how we take care of our hair with no waste.

October 16, 2020

Fredrika Syren

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