Why You Should Learn to Grow Your Own Food and Why Kids Should, Too

Why You Should Learn to Grow Your Own Food and Why Kids Should, Too

Feb, 04, 2024
Why You Should Learn to Grow Your Own Food and Why Kids Should, Too

Why You Should Learn to Grow Your Own Food and Why Kids Should, Too

In this day and age, the easiest thing to do is buy your food from the supermarket. Your children will grow up in that world, too, and carry on what you taught them when they were young. That’s why it’s important to install healthy habits in your children from a young age. So don’t simply buy food at the supermarket, as it’s not as healthful as you are led to believe. Instead, grow your own food, and teach your children the importance and responsibility of caring for fresh and organic ingredients.

Food Is Healthier and Fresher

Food that you grow is much more healthful than that bought at the market because you know how the food has been handled and where it was grown. You are in control of every part of the process. That means there’s little to no chance of chemicals ruining your food before it gets on the table. That makes you and your children much healthier.

What’s more, the food you’ve grown tastes much better. All the flavors are still there and haven’t been altered by any sort of chemical. You’ll realize that your meals now taste twice as good because your food is fresh and unharmed.

It Teaches Them About the Environment

When you’re growing your own food, you’re investing in the environment. The food industry is one of the leading causes of global problems, so not buying food means you’re part of the solution. The less food people buy, the less demand there will be — and that will lead to some real changes.

Your child is growing up in a world that has potential to either crumble or recover. Growing your own food will teach them that the Earth’s health is their responsibility and that nothing is a given. It’ll also instill in them a nurturing and altruistic attitude towards the world.

 Children Build Skills

One of the best ways to build skills is by doing things yourself. Your children will learn to be more handy and competent if they participate in growing food with you. Instead of letting them help just a little and thinking they can’t do more important jobs themselves, show them how and let them explore.

It will be extremely beneficial to your child’s motor skills if you show them how to weed with the garden forkor dig around. Everything is new and exciting for children, so let their curiosity take over and watch them grow as people. The effects will last a lifetime.

Your Child Will Be More Active

The modern lifestyle has brought children inside, and it seems that all they do is play on their phones. Instead of just telling them they should be more active and making them play outside, you should show your child how much fun it actually can be.

Growing food is a purposeful activity and will, therefore, be very intriguing. Children learn by example, so if you show them how to do something and participate in the activity with them, they’ll pick it up and like it very quickly. Soon, they’ll be the ones making you go outside.

As you can see, learning about growing food and participating in it is very important for your child’s development. What’s more, this will be a great bonding activity. It will teach them how to be hardworking, responsible and diligent people. We’re confident that your children will love growing their own food once they see how much fun and how beneficial it actually is.

If you want to learn how to grow food in your backyard, garden, patio or even indoors check out my online, learn in your own pace growing food class. 

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