Renting Baby Gear Saves the Environment (and Your Wallet)

Jan, 15, 2022

Babies come with a lot of stuff. 

There always seems to be some new gear your baby needs—from baby carriers to strollers, cribs to toys, pack and plays to bottle warmers, and beyond.

These items are often expensive, and babies typically only need them for a short period.

Historically, when people have only needed certain items for a brief time–such as tuxedos, dishes for events, carpentry tools, etc.–they’ve rented them. So, why not extend this thinking to baby gear?  Truth be told, renting baby gear saves the environment (and Your Wallet) 

As parents look for ways to reuse, recycle, and live more sustainably, it makes sense to begin renting items for infants. Since kids grow so fast, buying everything new cost lots of money and is not very good for the planet.

Whether you are looking for cribs, clothes, strollers, or toys, several rental companies across the country offer eco- and budget-friendly options.

Most companies sort their products by age group, category, brand, or location, so finding what you need is easy. 

Renting Baby Gear Saves the Environment (and Your Wallet)

Here are some companies who offer baby gear rentals:

Baby Clothes Rentals

Up Choose– Organic baby clothes rentals and baby registries

Cubbie Kit– Certified organic baby clothes rentals

Little Beez Box– Monthly subscription boxes including organic and eco-friendly baby clothing

Baby Gear Rentals

Loop Baby– Monthly baby gear rentals and baby registries

Baby Quip– Baby gear rentals delivered to your door (They even offer vacation baby gear rentals they’ll deliver directly to the airport!) 

Babys Away– Vacation baby gear rentals

Traveling Baby– Baby gear rentals for traveling 

Cloud of goods

**A note on car seats: Most experts warn against renting car seats because you want to be sure the car seat fits, is installed the right way and has not been in an accident.**

Naturally, we parents want the very best for our kids. 

But the environmental and financial impacts of purchasing everything they need–which is often for just a short time–is great.

Renting baby gear, borrowing, or buying used are excellent ways to give our kids exactly what they need while saving the environment and our wallets.

Fredrika Syren

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