Planting Seeds in the New Year

Jan, 07, 2013

By Dawna Matthews

For the last few weeks, we have focused on celebrating holidays, surrounding ourselves with loved ones, and bringing closure to the year as we make room for the new. Most of us use the new year as a beautiful opportunity to resolve to grow and transform. I use the new year as my time to plant seeds. What is planting a seed? It is the simple act of setting an intention and allowing that to grow into its full promise. Each one of us has the ability, endurance and infinite potential to bloom into the greatest vision of ourselves if we plant the seeds for our growth in the middle of winter.

How do you begin your garden? Start slowly — plant one seed and add another one when ready. Self-transformation and change take time, which is why it is important to be gentle with ourselves as we water and nourish our seeds. Continue to stay in harmony with nature and the shorter winter days. Winter is a natural reminder to do less, so use this time to rest often, and take time to reconnect with your inner wisdom and light. Take care of your seeds and, in time, they will turn into something green and flowering.

Keep in mind to nurture the seeds you have planted by remembering these maxims:

1. Seeds Take Time To Grow

A garden isn’t created overnight and neither are the final fruits of your seeds. It is often frustrating when we do not see immediate results, so stay  steady and focus on the positive; notice the small things and know that they also are amazing. Even if we do not accomplish all of our resolutions for the new year, the process of planting seeds and setting goals is transformational, and soon you will see sprouts emerge from the earth.

2. Seeds Constantly Change in Order To Grow

A seed is destined to grow into something different. When nurtured and loved, a seed undergoes dramatic transformation and starts to take shape into its potential. In order to experience positive change, we must also embrace the change we are fostering in our life. To steady yourself in the midst of all the growth, try to establish a daily practice and give yourself time to rest and recover.  Some possibilities are

  • waking up or going to bed at the same time;
  • practicing gentle exercise such as walking, swimming, or yoga; and
  • doing something for the sheer pleasure of it — painting, enjoying a book, watching birds outside your window, laughing loudly, taking a warm bath, drinking herbal teas.
  • Honor yourself and your whole being will be grateful in return.

Try a mindful breathing or meditation practice of your choice (optimally at the same time each day or night). I recommend focusing on the sun or the light within your heart center or a flower blooming within you. Breathe into that vision and watch it grow within you. Allow it to fill you with warmth as well as to energize and feed your seeds — in your mind, your body, and your soul.

3. When a Flower Appears, Recognize Its Beauty

After a seed goes through all the hard work, it transforms into a beautiful flower. Take the time to acknowledge the hard work as well as the outcome. Count your blessings; think of three things you are grateful for in this moment; become aware of all the miracles around you.

I invite and encourage you to plant seeds in your life — no matter what the final result may be. With time, love, and nurturing, a great garden will grow. As winter continues, the sun grows and allows your seeds to grow with that light. May your seeds blossom into a magnificent garden!

Doreen Genmark

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