Pediatricians Warn Against Chemicals in Plastic Containers

Mar, 07, 2019

By Fredrica Syren:

The American Academy of Pediatrics is fighting for stronger federal food safety requirements that will warn families about the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals from microwaving and from cleaning plastic containers in dishwashers.

They are pointing towards growing evidence against chemicals in food colorings, preservatives and food packaging materials; and saying the FDAas well as manufacturers need to take steps towards limiting exposure to chemicals in plastic containers.

More information is coming to light concerning increased chances of dangerous chemicals leaking into food and formula by heating in food plastic containers and bottles in a microwave, or by cleaning them in a dishwasher. Plastics with recycling codes 3 for phthalates, 6 for styrene, and 7 for bisphenols are the worst ones and should be avoided completely. Much better options are glass bottles and containers, or steel containers.

Chemicals in plastic packaging have been linked to serious problems such as

  • brain development
  • obesity
  • autism
  • attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
  • limited muscle mass and bone strength.


Fredrika Syren

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