Organic, Food-Grade Deodorant that Works!

Dec, 11, 2014

By Andrea Patin:

I am not a woman who “glows,” I sweat. I have tried many all natural deodorants over the years- crystals, liquids, clays. Eachpachy deodorante providing a glimmer of sweet smelling hope until midday strikes. Finally, I have found something that actually works!
Unfortunately, mainstream deodorant (and even some “natural” brands) contain chemicals that are harmful to the body. Learn more about that here.
Enter Rusta Maka’s Pachy Deodorants, a small business based out of Michigan. I have been using their Naughty Butter for 2+ months and I am hooked. Never has a made-in-nature, organic, and vegan product helped prevent me from smelling ripe by the end of the day. All with only 6 ingredients! It is handcrafted with no toxic chemicals, no parabens, no aluminum, no gluten, no corn, no soy, no GMO, no triclosan, and no propylene-glycol.
Just because I live like a “hippy,” doesn’t mean I need to smell like one. Get yours here!
Lucky you! Enter for a chance to win 2 sticks!

Andrea Patin

Andrea Patin is Marketing Director, Product Reviewer and Green-Mom’s right-hand woman. She is a fellow crunchy gal who is passionate about learning, practicing and sharing ways to live more sustainably. Since 2003 she has had a career in the Holistic Arts as a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist; as well as a Registered Yoga Instructor and Certified Birth Doula for many years. For fun she has taken multiple courses in Peace Studies and Urban Agriculture at the local community college. She is a foodie, so growing, cooking, sharing and eating organic is a norm. In her free time, she explores creative ways to develop her urban homestead. Andrea lives happily in San Diego with her husband and son.


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    December 11, 2014

    Love this Andrea. My 9 year old is starting to need it/want it. And I’ve been looking for something I’d feel comfortable giving to her. Looking forward to trying it! And, love your honest, to the point and interesting writing style!!! I want more…. Hugs and Love!

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    December 13, 2014

    I gave up commercial face soap years ago. I am still looking for a deodorant though. Thanks for the opportunity to try your product!

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