Jan, 09, 2015

By Andrea Patin:

Renewable, sustainable and organic- three of our favorite descriptive words when it comes to a product for children. It is not very often we hear or think of our mattresses being just that.

I have come across Naturalmat (http://www.naturalmatusa.com/) and now my little guy sleeps snug as a bug on natural fibers. I have a top mat that I use in hisnatural mat correct crib at home. I also roll it up, pop it in it’s drawstring bag and take it on the road when we plan to use a pack and play. It is made with superior quality materials and attention to detail is incredible. This is truly a respectable business. They make organic mattresses, stroller mats, top mats and organic bedding. Check out this quick and inspiring video that makes you feel good about supporting this company. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD5klJefm0I

Unfortunately, most of our sleeping environments are made from synthetic materials and treated with flame retardants. Learn more about flame retardants in our furniture here. (https://zerowastefamily.com/is-your-sofa-killing-your-family/#.VIfOuepGiRQ) Having our kids sleep in a nontoxic environment is what we all want and now you have a resource to get them on a healthy alternative.

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Andrea Patin

Andrea Patin is Marketing Director, Product Reviewer and Green-Mom’s right-hand woman. She is a fellow crunchy gal who is passionate about learning, practicing and sharing ways to live more sustainably. Since 2003 she has had a career in the Holistic Arts as a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist; as well as a Registered Yoga Instructor and Certified Birth Doula for many years. For fun she has taken multiple courses in Peace Studies and Urban Agriculture at the local community college. She is a foodie, so growing, cooking, sharing and eating organic is a norm. In her free time, she explores creative ways to develop her urban homestead. Andrea lives happily in San Diego with her husband and son.

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