My Zero Waste Spring Cleaning Routine

Apr, 04, 2021

Spring is here, signaling an opportunity to embrace a fresh, new beginning. What better way to feel revitalized than by cleaning out your house? Before you grab your mop and broom and get down to business, consider the many ways you can make your spring cleaning routine more eco-friendly. With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, there’s no better time to integrate these eco-friendly ideas into your annual home clean-up.

Wipe Down Windows

Windows are a house’s features that you use daily without actually thinking about them. Especially when winter ends, windows have put up with lots of dirt and moisture that probably have left marks and smears. As part of my spring cleaning routine, I like to make a weekend project of cleaning all my windows outside and inside so they’ll shine all summer long. For this, I whip up a natural glass cleaner that works really great. 

Donate Old Clothing 
In spring I like to pack up winter clothes like jackets, boots, hats and mittens. I also like to rid my closet of old and unworn clothes. When is the last time you sorted through your closet? We usually have clothes buried inside that haven’t been worn in ages and that we don’t plan to wear anytime soon. I like to organize and free up closet space by sorting through my wardrobe and determining which pieces I can live without. When doing this, rather than throwing away the old clothes, consider donating them to a rescue mission or a local thrift store. Textile waste is one of the greatest contributors to Earth’s pollution, so donating clothes is an excellent way to help the environment as well as allow someone else to make good use of them.
Another option is to make a little money by selling your clothes and on Ebay or online clothing resellers like thredUP.

Compost Expired Food 
My closet isn’t the only space included in spring cleaning. The refrigerator and freezer are cleaned and organized, too. Anything too old to eat, including fruits, vegetables, leftover pasta and rice and more, are composted. If you don’t already compost, spring is a great time to begin, maybe even make your own bin . Composting allows foods to break down organically, and is a practical, eco-friendly way to care for your garden and lawn.

Fredrika Syren

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