How to Make Sure Your Child Breathes Healthy Classroom Air

Feb, 13, 2019

By Fredrica Syren:

How sure are you that your child’s classroom is filled with education, not harmful chemicals or dust? As a parent, it’s so important to be your children’s advocate and to make sure their schools, especially the classrooms, do not contain anything that may pose a health risk.

Make sure the air in the classrooms is clean and healthy. Here is a checklist for things to look out for:

Clutter — Clutter causes dust, which can be a trigger for some children, so make sure clutter is cleaned up and that the room gets dusted at least occasionally.

Fresh Air — We all need fresh air to stay awake and alert, so make sure ventilators are working and are not covered. Make certain the room gets aired out often.

Cleaning products used — It’s a fact that many cleaning products are filled with chemicals that create toxic air. This is extremely harmful for anyone, but especially for a child whose organs are still growing and developing. Make sure only nontoxic cleaning supplies are being used in the classroom.

Hand soaps — Kids go to the bathroom and hopefully wash their hands. Make sure hand soap at school is chemical free, dye free and unscented — not antibacterial.

Air freshener — Some schools use air fresheners for those not-so-nice-smelling bathrooms, but these may be very harmful to inhale. Check what the school is using and whether or not the products contain chemicals. Since they usually are respiratory irritants, I would request that the school not use these products at all if possible.

Remember that checking these elements can make a healthier school environment that will contribute to your child’s ability to learn.

Fredrika Syren

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