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A beautiful share from Zero Waste Family Mama, Fredrika, as she speaks with @locallywell on their podcast #wellnessinsandiego 💜

We love Fredrika because she keeps it real and is such a loving and authentic woman! She loves her husband @the.zero.waste.dad and her 3 children very much!

Zero waste living started as small individual steps and quickly became a full functioning lifestyle!

You can do it too! Choose one item in your home that you are getting low on, and think about how you can replace it with a more sustainable solution… Head to your local refill store, use glass bottles that are easy to refill, get a reusable water bottle… And so much more!!

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We are so excited to announce that we will be going LIVE with @sustainablybry talking about how we FUNDED our gardens!

Bryan received a $1200 grant for his garden!

Bryan has a unique story to share about how he started his journey into sustainability and Fredrika shares the story of how her zero waste journey began during a time of financial burden.

Join us on August 30th at 12:30 PM PST for a LIVE you wont want to miss!

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We are celebrating back to school with some fun and useful sustainability tips!

@bigliving.littlefootprint and I have teamed up to share some of our fave ways to go back to school, sustainably!

This can include finding gently used computers/tablets, using cardboard and recycled paper folders, instead of plastic.

& for those supplies you just can't go without, keep reading for some of our favorite suggestions!

You can also visit our Link in bio for discount codes for @lunchskins , @naturalearthpaint and more!

Follow and DM @bigliving.littlefootprint for discount codes and more resources including pencils, glue shown above and @backmarket supplies!

Plantable Pencils @sproutworldofficial
Plant Based Glue @onyxandgreen

What are some of your favorite zero waste back to school brands?

Share with us in the comments! 🌱

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So you think because you live in the city, you can't garden?
Think again!
Watch last week's YouTube video about how to grow your own food in the city.
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Recipe can be found here https://zerowastefamily.com/wild-blueberry-crumble ...

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Join us at the @positive_phee back to school sustainable fashion event!

Moms & Dads prep your kids for another year of school affordably & sustainably! This is a fun and social way to refresh your kids’ closets!

Link in bio for details! Tickets (per family) include a bag to fill with sustainable kids clothes & a whole pizza pie from our amazing venue hosts @pizzacassettesd

Stay after the event at the venue to enjoy live music! We highly recommend you checking out our patio partners @deftbrewing & @lostcausemeadery whilst you’re visiting the space too!

Ticket includes 1 bag to fill with sustainable clothes, toys etc from the offerings, and 1 whole pizza pie!

Visit out link in bio to get you ticket!

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This pretty much sums up my life 🤣

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While we picked blueberries for pie, Liam ate his own weight in blueberries 🫐

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Did you know that our zero waste family is featured in the documentary zero time to waste? Watch it for free @ https://zerowastefamily.com/watch-zero-time-to-waste

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