Fun and Delicious Things to Make with Leftover Coffee

Aug, 21, 2019

For most of us, a cup of coffee is part of our morning routine (maybe even throughout the day). If, like me, you prefer to make coffee at home rather than go to a coffee shop, odds are that you end up with leftover coffee. As for the used coffee grounds, here are some great ideas about how to use them.

Now let’s talk about leftover coffee and why we should use it. First of all, congratulations if you’re brewing your own cup of joe because you’re already working on the most effortless and sustainable choice yet, especially if you’re someone who barely can stay awake as you’re making that cup of coffee. Focus on making single servings of coffee to produce less waste. The traditional brewing of a pot of coffee can result in extra coffee, filters and grounds that ultimately end up being dumped into the trash.

But even if you are trying not to brew more than you will drink, leftover coffee happens. The good news is that there are many great uses for it. 

Ice coffee cubes—If, like me, you like ice coffee, this is by far an easy way to make it. Pour leftover coffee into ice cube trays and freeze. When you want ice coffee, simply pop a couple of coffee ice cubes into the milk of your choice. Yum!!!

Chocolate Chip Coffee Popsicles

Chocolate Cake—One of my favorite ways to use leftover coffee is to add it to the batter when making a cake. I substitute it for half the liquid called for in the recipe. 

Mocha Frosting

Tiramisu—This great Italian dessert uses cold coffee, so leftover coffee is perfect.

Chili—It might seem crazy to add coffee to chili, but it creates a very nice deep flavor.

Coffee marinade—I use this recipe for marinating tofu steaks and it works amazingly well.

Fredrika Syren

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