DIY Citrus Dust Wipes

DIY Citrus Dust Wipes

One difference between living in a major city and living in the suburbs is how dusty your home gets. Dust is normal; all homes have dust. However, since dust is an assortment of tiny particles from inside and out—dead skin cells, hair, dirt, clothing fibers, dust mites, dead insect particles, pollen, bacteria, and microscopic bits of plastic—cleaning it up is important. 

I usually dust at least once a week. My homemade, zero waste dust wipes and spray make it easy. I simply grab a few, dust, and then throw them into the laundry. When dusting, you don’t want your wipes to be overly wet; they should be just damp enough to effectively remove dust. I like to add lemon and orange essential oils because they make the house smell good, kill germs, and boost the immune system. You can use any citrus essential oils; if you don’t have orange on hand, tangerine is a nice alternative. 

DIY Citrus Dust Wipes

To make dust wipes, you need:

·      Rags made from old t-shirts, towels, washcloths, or flour sacks

·      Mason jar with lid

·      Spray bottle

·      20 drops of lemon essential oil

·      20 drops of orange essential oil

·      1 tbsp distilled vinegar

·      1 tbsp dishwashing soap

·      ¾ cups water

·      funnel

Cut rags into 6″ x 8″ rectangles (or any size you like), fold them, and store them in the mason jar. Using a funnel, pour all the liquid ingredients into the spray bottle. To use, grab a rag, shake the spray bottle to mix the oils that separate, spray once or twice on the rag, and begin to dust. When you’re done, throw the rag into the laundry. To clean the rags, wash them in the laundry machine and hang to dry if possible.

My book a practical guide to zero waste for families has a whole chapter on cleaning with lots of cleaning supply recipes and tips..

Fredrika Syren

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