Coconut Curry Pumpkin Soup

Coconut Curry Pumpkin Soup

Feb, 12, 2024
Coconut Curry Pumpkin Soup

Coconut Curry Pumpkin Soup

My friend Cori gave me lots of large pumpkins that she grew this fall. I roasted and pureed most of them, and froze them. Cooking with pumpkins is lots of work but so worth the time and effort. Not only does it taste great but it is also a very nutrient dense food. It’s one of the best known sources of beta-carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant that protects our bodies against many illnesses. It’s also rich in vitamins A, C, E and B-6, as well as riboflavin, potassium, copper and manganese.

Today I used the last of my pumpkin to make a curried coconut pumpkin soup with my daughter. My family kept telling me this was by far the best soup I have ever made (and I’m the self-proclaimed queen of soups☺). Of course, if you are not blessed with fresh pumpkin, canned pumpkin works really well, too.

  • 1 cup red lentils, washed
  • 1 yellow onion, diced
  • 4 cups vegetable broth
  • 1 cup pumpkin puree
  • ½ tbs Madras curry powder (or more if you like it spicy)
  • 1 can coconut milk
  • Salt to taste

Bring lentils, broth, onion, pumpkin and curry to a boil in a soup pot. Reduce to a simmer for 20 minutes, covered with a lid. Place soup and coconut milk in a blender and process until smooth. Return to pot and add salt if needed.

Not sure what to do with the pumpkin seeds? Here is my recipe for crackers with pumpkin seeds 

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Fredrika Syren

Fredrika Syren is an environmental activist and writer. In 2016, she founded the website Green-Mom.com where she shared her family’s journey of living zero waste. She lives in San Diego, California with her husband James and their children Bella, Noah, and Liam. Fredrika and her family were recently featured in the documentary Zero Time to Waste. Fredrika is also the author of Zero Waste for Families - A Practical Guidebook (which you can buy on this site)


  1. Reply

    Gail Lawlor

    May 11, 2015

    wanted to try the coconut curry pumpkin soup, but I am wondering if there is a measurement missing. The recipe says 1/2 Madras curry powder. 1/2 cup? seems like a lot, and 1/2 tsp seems like too little. Help????

    • Reply

      Green Mom

      May 11, 2015

      Thank you for bringing thins to my attention. It’s suppose to be 1/2 tbs. I make it for kids so it can’t be too spicy so add more if this is not an issue:)

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