Advent and Christmas Advent Calendars

Dec, 03, 2020

In Sweden, where I am from, we celebrate Advent by lighting one candle for each of the four Advent Sundays leading up to Christmas. We also have Advent calendars with drawers for us to open each day before Christmas Eve. These are traditions from my culture that we continue to practice with my kids. 

Advent marks the beginning of Christmas and the season of preparation for Christmas Eve. While growing up, this was exciting because the town would light a big Christmas tree in the main square,and people would place advent lights in their windows. My kids today feel the same excitement because this is when we begin decorating our home. 

Because of the pandemic, this Christmas season will be very different. There will be no Santa at the mall; no Christmas parties; no winter fair at our kids’ Waldorf School; and no time spent with relatives, friends and family. So, we’re emphasizing Christmas at home with increased Christmas cookie baking, holiday movie watching, candle lighting — more of everything that will make the holiday cozy and exciting. 

And it will be important to continue our traditions. Every December 1st our kids receive an advent calendar so they can open one slot daily. This is a way for our kids to count down until Christmas Eve, when Santa arrives. These days you can buy all kinds of advent calendars filled with tea, candy, even toys. Usually they are disposable once used, so we bought wooden ones from Michael’s that each of the kids painted and that we reuse each year. I fill all the little drawers with candy, small toys or other fun things. 

I would love to hear from you so tell me what are your Christmas traditions?

Fredrika Syren

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