A Greener Disposable Diaper?

Dec, 06, 2012

By Dawna Matthews

While I was still expecting my daughter, I researched the vast world of diaper options. My husband and I wanted to be as green and ecologically responsible as possible while still protecting our baby and getting the best performance out of the product, so we decided to use cloth diapers and wipes. We loved using the pre-folds and cute little covers, and had a very positive experience with them. Unfortunately, once my daughter was almost 1 year old, our day-care provider no longer wanted to accommodate us. This, coupled with the fact that with the cloth diapers she was waking up often during the night (even with the double inserts and all), I had to start over.

For a few weeks we had a guest who brought us some commercially available disposable diapers and, yes, our daughter slept all night with them on. But each time I changed her diaper, I felt a twinge of guilt — I kept seeing landfills overrun with diapers. Also, my baby was getting rashes and I was freaked out that she might be exposed to all sorts of toxic byproducts. I went to my local cloth diaper store to search for answers and found Nature Babycare. I started using them as well as another eco-friendly option for comparison and discovered that Nature Babycare ticked all the boxes:

– eco-friendly diaper and eco-conscious company
– happy, dry baby, free of rash
– high performance.

First of all, these diapers kept my little one dry for longer periods with no more rashes. They fit her well and didn’t leave a  strange residue or gel on her. She slept all night, which meant we all slept. My daughter is now a little over two years old and we still use them. We have had very minor issues with them —  a couple of times there were rogue diapers missing a tab but that has been minimal. The price is still comfortable for me, especially since I found them available in the “subscribe and save” option on amazon.com. The icing on the cake for my family is that this is the greenest disposable diaper we can find. Here are some details of Nature Babycare:

Product features

– Award winning premium performance eco-friendly disposable diaper

– Awarded the eco label “Good Environmental Choice” of Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC)

– NO oil-based plastics against baby’s skin

– Kinder and more gentle to your baby and the environment

– Breathable and chlorine-free with natural based material, for natural protection

– Ultra-thin construction gives a non-bulky fit, enabling your baby to move around freely

– Consumer packaging is based on 100% natural renewable material. No oil-based plastics!

– Winner of the ‘06-’07 Silver Award for “Best Disposable Diaper,” featured in Mother & Baby Magazine, a leading UK baby magazine.

Features and Benefits of Nature Babycare

-Chlorine-free absorbent materials – does not contribute to dioxin pollution. Totally chlorine free pulp and chlorine free outer cover

-100 % natural based back sheet – NO plastic – reduces the greenhouse effect

-100 % natural distribution layer – NO plastic – reduces the greenhouse effect

-100 % compostable consumer packaging – NO plastic – reduces the greenhouse effect

-No latex, perfume, fragrance, or TBT (tributyltin)

-Leakage barrier made of natural material- GM (Genetically Modified) Free based corn film. NO plastic

-Distribution layer made of natural material- NO plastic

Is it the greenest option for diapering? Maybe not as green as cloth but, given my situation, I feel this is my best choice all the way around. It is the most environmentally friendly disposable diaper on the market that meets my needs. As my daughter begins her diaper free transition, she will continue to use these at night and I will rest easier, too, knowing I am being responsible to her and mother earth.

If you want to learn more and if they may be right for you and your little one, check out their website: www.naty.com


Dawna Matthews

Dawna is a yoga teacher, writer, domestic goddess, and lover of life. She tries to celebrate all the joys given to us in this world by dancing, singing, cooking, and gazing up at the sky. Dawna believes green living is a way of coming back to the self- a simple yet deeply satisfying dance of gratitude to mother earth and each one of us. She lives in Colorado where the mountains are a perfect backdrop to each day. She twirls daily.

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    Alexandra Martin

    December 10, 2012

    I have bought these and loved them. The only suggestion that I would make is to buy one size bigger, because they fit a little snug.

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