7 Tasks to Ready Your Garden for Spring

By Ann Sanders:

 Spring is a stunning and bountiful season when your garden gets the opportunity to be at its best. But before the colorful and vibrant season arrives, you face the aftereffects of a harsh winter. The biting cold and the freezing snow can have some extreme impacts on your garden. To avail yourself of spring’s beauty and plenty, you will need to prep your garden beforehand. The sooner you clean and prepare your lawn, the sooner you can enjoy the fresh spring bulbs emerging in your garden.

Here are 7 things that you need to do to prepare your garden for spring.

  1. A thorough clean-up

The first thing you need to do is a thorough clean up. You want to remove all the damage from winter storms or accumulated snow. Take care of all the broken branches and clean up any debris that might have amassed. Turf also needs special attention, as it is more prone to damage from snow. Remove all the dead and dried plants and weeds, and trim any wild perennials that you want to retain. Take special care to remove any infected plants or branches. They can spread disease and destroy your newly planted seedlings later.

  1. Take stock of the situation

Many people are so excited about the spring’s arrival that they ignore taking stock of their garden’s situation. This can affect your garden and leave you unprepared to enjoy the warmth and beauty of spring. Check all your fences and make sure any breaks or damage is repaired. If you have raised garden beds, make sure to check them, as well: the winter’s snow and storms might have destroyed their sides. Fix them as soon as possible because you do not want them to fall apart just as the spring flowers start to bloom.

  1. Inspect and prepare the soil

The months of rain and accumulated snow can leave your soil inefficient. You need to inspect and prepare it for the blooming season. If your winter plants have been infected by diseases, make sure to remove a thin top layer of the soil along with the plant. Raking your soil is a great way to aerate it and prepare it for the upcoming season. You also can add manure or fertilizers to nourish your soil for better results. Be sure to mix soil well with nutrients and other necessary compounds to enhance it. Choosing the best drop spreader to encourage a bountiful and thriving garden is crucial.

  1. Get the necessary tools

Amateur gardeners often do not have the necessary tools required for efficient gardening. You need to collect all the essentials and keep them handy. Running back and forth from your garden to your shed or the store will make the process more difficult and daunting. Get a tool bucket and organize all your garden tools so they are ready for work.

  1. Make a detailed plan

Before the first breeze of spring arrives, you need a well prepared and practical plan for your garden. Do you want a garden full of fresh vegetables and fruits? Or a colorful garden filled with blooming flowers? Get plant recommendations from experts or local nurseries. Making an efficient plan beforehand will help you successfully organize and maintain your garden. Make sure that the flowers or vegetables you choose grow well in your location.

  1. Order seeds and other necessities

Whichever plants you decide on, place an early order for the seeds. As soon as spring arrives, there will a massive demand for seeds and planting necessities. Every casual or avid gardener will want to prepare their garden at the very last minute, so ordering early will help you stay away from the rush and work peacefully.

  1. Pest control

Source: Dave Gunn

 One of the crucial steps of keeping your garden prepared and ready for spring is taking care of pest control. If you are planning on planting fruits and flowers, it is crucial to protect them from insects and their bite marks. Bugs are very hard to remove and can destroy your flowers and eat your fruits. You can install a bug hotel, with bees, wasps, butterflies, and more to control the harmful insects. Not only will they take care of your bug problem, but will also add an elegant charm to your space.  Just imagine a plethora of colorful and vibrant butterflies fluttering around your garden.

Once your garden is spring ready, start planting all your favorite flowers, fruits and vegetables. Make sure to maintain your garden with some extra love and care if you want a colorful, blooming garden. Water your plants, feed your soil, and remove the weeds regularly. But most importantly, do not forget to take a deep breath, smell the fruits of your hard work, and enjoy your garden.

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