111 Reasons Breastfeeding Can Benefit Our Families and the Planet

Breastfeeding was a way of life for women and families long before formula was ever invented, and there’s a strong, growing movement to bring it back to the forefront. It not only provides the best nutrition you can give your child, but it doesn’t harm the environment either. Our planet could certainly use some TLC these days, and breastfeeding is just one of the ways women can play a significant role in the environmental issues we’re facing in this day and age.
At MomLovesBest, we believe that knowledge is power. When we give women all the facts about the choices, and what’s at stake in the long run, we know that most will do whatever is best for their baby.
And, as scientific study after scientific study has indicated, breastfeeding is the best choice for newborns. It also benefits moms, families and even people who are opposed to breastfeeding. Using the tools Mother Nature gave us doesn’t just benefit our babies, but it reduces the garbage we create, and the energy factories expend. We all win every time a woman decides to breastfeed.
Whether breastfeeding critics approve or not, breastfeeding can change lives and create a cleaner planet. Our website’s newly-created infographic details the many reasons women should at least consider attempting to breastfeed their children. No matter what a woman’s primary concern is — health, finances, conservation — there’s at least one reason for everyone to acknowledge the importance of breastfeeding.
Both our babies and our planet should be precious and sacred to us. Check out our infographic and help us spread the word — together we can change lives and clean up our planet.
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